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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Criminal Business Owners Demand No Law Enforcement!

Source: Hazelton Standard Speaker

Jake shocked! Shocked I say!
SCRANTON – Latinos grew fearful for themselves and pessimistic about their businesses after Hazleton approved its immigration act, leaders of the Latino community testified Tuesday in federal court.
The testimony occurred as the second day of a trial about the constitutionality of the act delved into perceptions of Latinos who opposed the act and city officials who approved it.
When Jose Molina, regional director of the Pennsylvania Statewide Latino Coalition, testified about people being unnerved by police and sanitation workers, attorneys for the city sought to put the actions in a different light.
"Sanitation workers?" Huh?

As MJ put it so well previously "Building a Business on Sand"

H/T immigration watchdog

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