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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Building a Business on Sand

The "sand" in this instance is illegal alien labor.

Source: The State Journal-Register

Federal agents took employees from at least one Springfield restaurant into custody Wednesday, apparently as part of a daylong illegal immigration roundup.

Agents reportedly were seen at Buffet City, 1774 Wabash Ave., along with several handcuffed individuals.

The doors were locked Wednesday evening, and a sign posted on the front stated the restaurant was closed for reconstruction. A call to Buffet City went unanswered.
Local reaction...

Several patrons who turned up at the restaurant at dinnertime were surprised to see it closed.

One man who drove by said he lives near Chatham Square Center, where the restaurant is located.

"If that's true," the man said of the raid, apparently targeting illegal aliens "then a lot of these stores around here would go out of business."
He says that like it's a bad thing. If you build your business on cheap illegal alien labor, then losing your business is something you've earned, not the big, bad government being mean-spirited (a favorite phrase of the open borders crowd).

Hire Americans and legal immigrants, for God's sake. Pay a decent wage.

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