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Friday, March 16, 2007

John Edwards: Let's Waste Five BILLION Dollars Pretending To Fight Poverty!

Source: unionleader

This should be filed under "Oh, those wacky Lib'ruls!"
GOFFSTOWN – Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards proposed yesterday that the United States spend $5 billion annually to lead a worldwide effort to end global poverty through education and health-care initiatives.

The former North Carolina senator said his effort would not only be a “good and moral thing,” it would make the United States safer.

“We know that terrorist thrive in failed states and in states torn apart by internal conflict and poverty,” he said in a speech at Saint Anselm College. In Africa and Muslim countries, he said, millions of children are being educated “in madrassas run by militant extremists.

“When you understand that,” he said, “it suddenly becomes clear: global poverty is not just a moral issue for the United States,” but also a “national security issue.”

He said through his plan, “we have the chance to change a generation of potential enemies into a generation of friends.”

Edwards ran unsuccessfully for his party’s nomination in 2004 and then became nominee John Kerry’s running mate. He said he is more “seasoned” now and his campaign has “built on” the support he received in New Hampshire three years ago, when he finished fourth in the leadoff primary.
Also supported by John Edwards: A new "Sugary Pony" department responsible for the timely acquisition and distribution of Sugary Ponies and lightly buttered cinnamon toast to deserving candidates all over the world.

H/T Polipundit who has more

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