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Friday, March 16, 2007

One More DELICIOUS Benefit Of Illegal Immigration!

Source: abclocal
County officials may require food-service workers in thousands of eateries across Los Angeles to get vaccinated for hepatitis A after a series of outbreaks.

County supervisors voted unanimously on Tuesday to look into the costs and benefits of such a vaccination, which would be a massive undertaking involving more than 100,000 workers. The requirement could affect 25,000 eateries, 300 catering companies and 270 wholesale producers.

"We need to ensure that those who are involved in the handling of food are safe and healthy," County Supervisor Mike Antonovich said. "The public is vulnerable."

How is Hep A spread? Feces-to-mouth contact! Yes! Can I have some more please?

How much will this "illegal immigration tax" come to? Brenda Walker at Vdare speculates: the huge public health tab associated with vaccinating all food service employees in Los Angeles County for Hepatitis A ($200/treatment x 100,000 workers = $20,000,000).

Is there anything our cheerful invaders can't do?

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