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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

An Interesting Detail From The Hazelton Trial!

Source: VFR

Lawrence Auster has a piece up today taking a look at the Hazelton trial, our pal Digger garners a mention for his continued excellence in coverage, way to go Digger!

It appears that during yesterday's trial the town's police chief and Steve Camarota from the Center For Immigration Studies testified. Mr. Auster received this email detailing what happened after Mr. Camerota's testimony...
Just spoke with Steve, who testified yesterday up in Hazelton. His testimony went fabulously, but what was most remarkable was that under cross examination – performed by an attorney from MALDEF (don’t know her name) – Steve’s responses were so devastating that plaintiff’s counsel left the hearing and went to the back of the courtroom and started sobbing. Uncontrollably. An ACLU attorney went back to console her and attempted to get her to return to the proceedings, to no avail. Kris Kobach told Steve that he’d never seen such a devastating turn of events. Steve said that he enjoyed a remarkable dialogue with the judge, who regularly queried Steve despite the objections of plaintiffs’ attorneys. Winning in Hazelton remains a longshot, but this morning Steve believes there’s doubt about that outcome that didn’t exist a week ago.
"Sobbing uncontrollably?" Interesting.

Auster has more at his place.

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