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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Is This Offensive?

And beyond that how amusing is it that an institution of higher drinking finds it so?

What am I talking about? I am talking about the deliciously evil flyer produced by the BSU Republicans to promote a visit by local politician Robert Vasquez who is noted for his strong stand on illegal immigration issues and his ability to make leftists cry by his proven track record as an actual brown person, cuz as we all know if you're against illegal immigration you must be a white supremacist, si?

I am going to show you the flyer now, if you have a weak constitution or ever considered Michael Dukakis a viable candidate for higher office you may want to flee at this point screaming about fascism and deliciously evil reich wingers!

Hang on to your butts cuz here we go...

So is this offensive? I'm really not seeing it. Is it a little over the top? Sure, so what? May I remind you this is a college, where vaginas are celebrated on a bi-minutely basis with giant foam vaginas roaming the hallways enforcing Vaginocratic compliance to their every whim, or is that my life?

Anyway! So how offensive did the squeamish Susan's at the institution of higher drinking find this? I was surprised until I considered the amount of empty brainpans I personally encounter at the average IOHD (instituition of higher drinking, I'm tired of typing it, okay?)(link here, registration required)
The Boise State College Republicans may not be the only ones taking the heat for the controversial fliers promoting “America’s Illegal Alien Invasion”. According to a BSU College Republicans Press Release, Assistant Director of Student Activities, Michael Esposito, may have been terminated.
Fired! May I just go on record as saying...Jam! Like I was saying, it is a well known fact that if male staff members at IOHD's don't fall to the ground and worship their vaginally maximized colleagues that can not only be fired, they can also be ritually circumcised with a rusty firehose and as a special one time offer they might have to read modern poetry! My god! The humanity people, the humanity!

Back to the offensive part, Clayton Cramer from whom I swiped this sordid tale of woe has this to say: Look, the flyer was offensive in a playful way. I would not have put together such a flyer. (Even when I was the age of the College Republicans, I think I would laughed loudly and said, "We can't do this.")

Still not seeing it. What about this makes it such that "We can't do this?" I'm just not seeing it. It is interesting to me as an actual blue collar guy, how PC the suit and tie world is and often I think doesn't even realize it. Every so often an individual would bail on the suit and tie world and enter the kitchen, to say it was a culture shock would be...kind.

It is a rough and tumble place that if you haven't experienced you would never believe me if I shared some of my many kitchen related tales. Let's just say that one of the top kitchens in Chicago had to officially ban "offensive" nicknames, especially those related to bodily functions!

Anywho, anybody seeing the offensive bits here? Can you explain them to me? Because frankly I think this is no more than an exercise in denying free speech to those whose speech we don't like, and that ain't kosher at all.

H/T Vdare

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