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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Letter from A Claims Adjuster on Illegal Alien Fraud

Source: steinreport
In my job as a claims examiner, I recently took over a claim behind someone who left the company I only recently went to work for. The accident involved questionable liability, but also our driver said that there were 3 persons in the other vehicle, not 1.

This "other person" allegedly driving the other vehicle, had no identification at all at the scene of the accident. And the police officer seemed to "just accept" the other driver's explanation that he was alone and that the other 2 men were "friends who worked at a restaurant across the highway. Strange, since this is a 10 to 12 lane roadway and how did these "2" get across the freeway in rush hour traffic, without getting injured themselves? Not to mention that the "other driver" only speaks spanish.

Then, the "other driver" was all of a sudden "injured" (even though he told the officer at the scene of the accident he was not injured), and then this "other person" hired an attorney. The attorney readily admits his client has NO SOCIAL SECURITY CARD AT ALL. Initially and what is standard procedure to attempt to protect against fraud, I ran an ISO Claims Search on this "other driver" initially only using the alleged name and address of the "other driver." However, to my surprise, an alleged social security number also came up for the same name of the "other driver" that evidently this "other driver" was using. And when this "alleged social security number" came up for this "other driver," I then when I re-ran this "other driver's" name adding only this "alleged" social security number to his alleged name and address. Not only did a Workers Comp claim here in the State of ----- show up under the name this "other driver" used at the scene of the accident, and this also alleged "social security number" came up revealing several, several other names, with differing names, differing dates of birth and that social security number reveals that there are numerous claims for workers compensation claims in numerous cities and states here in the United States!

I questioned the attorney for this "other driver" about his client's allegedly not having a social security number, yet one had showed up and not only that, this alleged "other driver" had what appears to be numerous names, address, numerous dates of birth, numerous claims for Workers Compensation injuries in many different states,, with differing dates of birth, differing address in many, many states, etc. Then this "other driver's" attorney started talking in a loud and unprofessional manner to me and he threatened to sue me and my company for "DISCRIMINATION" of all things.

I told him we had to have some way to "positively" identify his client and he produced copies of a State of Texas Drivers License and of a State of Texas I.D. card. And, this "other driver's" alleged employer actually filled out a "lost time" letter on this man! And realize that this person does not, at least as far as I can factually ascertain, have a valid Social Security number! Yet, all of a sudden, this "other driver": not only has a job and allegedly 2 valid forms of identification here in the State of Texas, but is represented by legal counsel who appears to not care in the least, at least not if he as the attorney makes his percentage off of this case!

I called the City of Dallas Police Department. They refuse to even take a report and said it is not "their job." I go the exact same response from the Texas Department of Public Safety; from the Social Security Administration; from the Federal Trade Commission ( who allegedly is interested in identity fraud), and yet none of these would even take a report. I called the Texas Department of Insurance and they too refused to take a report.

I called the local Immigration Court and the Hispanic young lady who answered the phone seemed to be very angry at me for even calling in about this and in so uncertain terms told me it was not their problem and hung up on me.

I did FINALLY, get the ICE people to take a report, but quite honestly, I got the distinct impression that they were going to "take the report" but that it would never, ever be investigated, nor would it ever "see the light of day!"

I thought that the State of -------- was still in the United States of America. I thought I lived in a land where you must abide within the law of face the penalties for not doing so. Unfortunately, that America must only be in my memory, as this has been a very, very frustrating exercise in futility and proves that virtually no one cares that illegal's are here, and doesn't even care that as far as anyone actually knows, this man or any of them might be a TERRORIST!

I am mad as a man can be! I am fed up with this. How can we do something to get people to wake up and be VERY AFRAID of how no one in a position of authority seems to care?
Gee, what could the costs of illegal be? How about rule of law? Sovereignty? A recognizable nation?

Judgement Bunny sez: You want to live in a corrupt third world sh&thole? Go home!

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