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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mean Mr. Mustard?

Source: Mean Mr. Mustard
Driving through Chino the other day, I noticed for the first time that a Gigante store, which is a large Mexican supermarket chain. Now, I have no problems with foreign companies doing business in America, but this is not your father's corporate expansion. Gigante hasn't come here because it sees a demand for its products by Americans. It's here because it's following its customers out of Mexico, selling to illegals who will probably be inclined to shop at a store they're familiar with and which they know will cater to their language and culture.

Episodes like this are incredibly obnoxious, to be sure, but I reserve real anger for those ostensible conservatives in the media and leadership roles in politics who keep selling this rosy lie of assimilation. Are they completely blind? Or just entirely unscrupulous liars?
Just so, and I thought this in comments was just delicious...
we are all sinners, even cute brown poor people
I believe this would be referred to as "teh good!" by the kiddies.

I would have to say I think their vision is just fine, they see the mess they created and instead of trying to fix it they are playing two complementary games, the appeasement game coupled with the waiting game.

Care to hazard a guess as to what they're waiting for as they appease and Hispander? The problem appears pretty bad, right?

They're waiting for one of two things, for somebody else to step forward and suggest fixing the problem so long as this person has good liberal credentials, no Tom Tancredo's (he's crazy you know) or Duncan Hunter's (too conservative, shiver!) to fix this problem, no sir, no ma'am!

When we went through something similar a hundred years ago, history is so goddamn instructive ain't it? Care to guess what the catalyst for change was, after forty years of Americans demanding change (gosh, why does that sound so familiar?)

Violence boys and girls, yes you heard me right, good old fashioned violence...
By the 1920s, the overwhelming majority of Americans feared the new wave of immigrants. After the Haymarket bombing by foreign-born anarchists in Chicago in 1886, the rise of violent, radical and even revolutionary labor movements; the assassination of President McKinley in 1901 by a Polish anarchist; the Bolshevik Revolution of November 1917; the rise of the Communist Party in the United States; the dramatic increase in the number of Polish, Slavic, Greeks and Italian Catholics, Chinese, Jews and others whose politics, culture, religion, dress, language and behavior were alien and troublesome to the majority of Americans, the electorate demanded that Congress dramatically curtail immigration. Anti-alien hysteria reached a peak in the "Red Scare" of 1919-1920. Bombings all over the country by terrorists led to the rounding up and deportation of Communists, radicals and revolutionaries.
As we consider the horrific amnesty bill currently passing through the digestive tract of our deliberative bodies we might find it instructive to recall this passage written by Otis Graham...
The clamor against the Simpson-Mazzoli bill today closely resembles the rigid opposition in the first decade of the twentieth century to any scheme of immigration restriction. The inescapable need for some rational control over the volume of immigration in an increasingly crowded world was plain to see, then as now. But unyielding resistance from the newer immigrant groups, from business interests that exploited them, and from the traditionalists who feared any increase in the powers of government, blocked all action. The problem was allowed to fester and grow-until a wave of national hysteria brought into being a system that was extravagantly protective and demeaningly racist. Hispanic leaders, chambers of commerce, and civil libertarians should take note."35
This passage speaks to a deeper truth about American immigration and its conflicts and solutions. People always say things to me like "they never would have stood for this a hundred years ago!"

Really? Because they did, for over forty years, just about the same amount of time we've been wrestling with the current mess. And I do believe we're headed for a "system that was/is extravagantly protective and demeaningly racist."

Why? Because politicians are doing precisely the same thing they did a hundred years ago, nothing! And by denying people the information they need to make rational decisions they are creating the very hysteria they thought to stop by denying the information in the first place, oy vey!

It's enough to make your head spin!

I am more than happy to fan the flames, but I take no responsibility for setting the fire. Our federal gub'mint is doing that all on its own and doing a damn fine job might I add!

If you watched this week's blogburst I want you to tell me honestly that you cannot imagine the young man in the "When Aliens Attack" segment committing terrorist acts on US soil for his Raza and his country, Mexico?

I can, and I think it's merely a matter of time. They've been taught that they have a right to break our laws, why scoff at the notion that it will escalate? And let us not forget their handmaidens, oddly enough the exact same folk who found themselves stripped of citizenship last time and shipped unceremoniously out of the country once before, those would be communists and socialists, though this time I have a feeling we're going to see native born citizens in prison for a very long time or being hung as traitors.

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