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Monday, March 19, 2007

Hang Their Carcasses On The Border Fence!

Source: kfoxtv
Update: Two Men Identified In Shootout With Sheriff's Deputy

The Dona Ana County Sheriff's Department have released the identity of the two suspects who were arrested in Sunday’s shootout with deputies.

In custody at the Dona Ana County Detention Center are 20-year old Jorge Chavez Munoz and 21-year old Ernesto Ortiz-Campos. Both men have been charged with possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute.

According to sheriff's spokeswoman, investigator Robyn Gojkovich, deputies first attempted a traffic stop at mile marker 137 off of Highway 9 for a traffic violation. Gojkovich said the driver of the vehicle, a 2001 GMC pickup truck refused to stop.

Gojkovich said the driver then turned into the desert, and the deputy continued to chase. One of the subjects in the vehicle then fired a shot at the deputy, who returned fire with his gun.

The two men abandoned the truck and took off on foot. With assistance from Border Patrol, the deputy was still able to track and eventually catch the two men.

No one was hurt in the incident.
Though the story doesn't come out and say it, just for fun let's presume these two mouth breathing pieces of crap are foreign nationals, shall we?

And just for fun let's try to imagine a scenario whereby we lessen this sort of violent criminal traffic from our bestest "Friend & Neighbor."

Imagine if every time a a foreign national drug dealer entered this country they were gunned down like dogs in the street their bodies to be hung on the shiny new border fence for the crows and finches to dine on their eyeballs and excrete their remains out over the desert.

Imagine this happening to the point where a foreign national considering entering this country to transport drugs, or commit any crime had to consider whether or not he or she wanted to die that day?

Think that might be effective?

H/T immigration news daily

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