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Sunday, March 18, 2007

More GOE Updates!

The updates continue to pour in from those who were lucky enough to attend the Gathering Of Eagles yesterday in DC. The updated number of patriots from Park Service Police? 30,000! WOW way to go patriots! Best number I've heard on the mouth breathing scum? 2,000, not sure about that one though.

This Ain't Hell has photos and commentary, he says this which made me tear up more than a little...
In my opinion, this Gathering of Eagles rally has done more for the healing of the wounds these veterans have been burdened with for forty years than any wall or memorial could ever. It was if they’d finally been given the opportunity to face their oppressors. There were no sorrowful stares, no sympathetic words. It was all smiles and laughter.
BlogmeisterUSA attended and noted: Patriotism: the most effective moonbat repellent.

Hooper sez: Oh ... and never forget ... these are the intelligentsia ... the educated ones ... the smart ones ... the "reality-based" community. They've got it all together. They see through all the deceptions. They read the Times...(he has video up)


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Much much more out there, thank god for bloggers!

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