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Monday, March 19, 2007

Owner Of Criminal Enterprise Caught Lying?

Source: post-gazette

With a feather you could knock me down!
Owner admits Hazleton's immigrant law didn't force store to close

...Most of the stories claim that the Hazleton laws aimed at throwing out illegal immigrants have harmed innocent people instead...

...[Jose and Rosa Lechuga; in English, "lechuga" = "lettuce"], legal immigrants from Mexico, said police damaged their businesses by parking cruisers nearby. They said this was a source of intimidation to potential customers, whether they had citizenship or not.

But last week, during the early stages of the federal trial that will decide the constitutionality of Hazleton's immigration laws, city lawyers exposed the Lechugas' story as untrue. *snip*

Mr. Lechuga testified that most of his customers at the suburban store were illegal immigrants. *snip*
Why was his store failing? Because of federal immigration raids that had nothing to do with the proposed ordinance. Why is he lying? Perhaps because he has built an enterprise not unlike a fencer of stolen goods, he depends on criminals to earn his daily living, and the worst part? He knew it and lied through his teeth to keep those same criminals here and patronizing his store.

Such "good" people, these "New Americans."

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