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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

(D)'s Working Hard To Cater To Illegal Aliens!

Source: rockymountainnews

Or, the Democrats snuggle with their favorite peeps! Illegal aliens!
A bill to make it easier for lawful Colorado residents to get a driver's license won the Senate's final blessing Thursday, prompting charges by Republicans of a rollback on immigration reform.

House Bill 1313 passed the Senate on a 20-15 party-line vote. It heads back to the House for consideration of a minor amendment.

Democrats argued that the Department of Revenue, which oversees the Division of Motor Vehicles, has made it extremely difficult for some homeless people, senior citizens and children of immigrants born in this country to obtain a driver's license or ID card.

Coloradans now must have a state ID or license to prove lawful presence to receive most government services under an immigration law enacted last summer.
Can we even consider the (D)'s an American party anymore?

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