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Monday, April 16, 2007

Points To Ponder

It is an article of faith amongst open borders lunatics and others that white Americans are just as busy killing, raping and robbing as our black and brown brethren, but it must be asked, is this true?

Jack Dunphy writes at NRO...
To even broach the topic of inner city crime is almost a social taboo, rather like discussing the bride’s old boyfriends at a wedding reception. But the figures, as they say, do not lie, and we do no one a service by trying to ignore them. Here in Los Angeles, for example, there were 481 murders investigated by the LAPD in 2006, but almost half of them occurred among the 18 percent of the city’s population living in South and South-Central L.A. These areas are almost exclusively black and Latino.

Looking at the numbers more closely, blacks are about 11 percent of the city’s population, but in 2006 they were 36 percent of its murder victims and 40 percent of its known murder suspects. Latinos make up 46 percent of the city’s total population and were about half of its murder victims and suspects. Whites are about 29 percent of the population in Los Angeles but last year were only 4 percent of the city’s murder victims and 2 percent of its known murder suspects.
While John Derbyshire offers this...
Similarly with the black-white gap on criminality. Here’s a way to quantify the gap. Take a white male aged 18-64 at random from the white population of the U.S. What is the probability that he is in jail? According to the 2000 Census, it is slightly better than one percent — 0.0107, to be precise. For a black male, the number is much higher — 0.0790. An average black American adult male is therefore 7.4 times more likely to be in jail than his white counterpart. Why?

The Social Science model offers poverty and racism as answers, with the racism of policemen and judges especially salient. As with the education gap, these explanations have an exhausted appearance. They were certainly plausible 40 years ago, when there were few black judges and policemen. Now entire cities — judges, policemen, and all — are run by black Americans. Those cities turn out to have the worst black-crime statistics of all! That 7.4 ratio I gave above was for the nation as a whole. In Washington, D.C., the ratio is 29.3. (The statistical legwork here was done by Human Rights Watch. A Folk-Biological interpretation of the numbers was offered by the statistician who uses the pseudonym “La Griffe du Lion,” here.)
I draw no conclusions beyond this, we do a disservice by ever telling 'kind lies' that obscure the truth. A fact, prima facie, cannot be racist.

H/T Michelle Malkin

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