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Monday, April 16, 2007

Everybody is a citizen for tax purposes?

Source: washington post

And maybe that's part of the problem?
"[Fredy Lopez & Co.] has filed an estimated 4,500 corporate and individual returns this year, he said. More than 90 percent of his clients are Hispanic and about 15 percent of them are getting refunds, he said. Many of his clients file using Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers, which the IRS assigns to people who do not have or are not eligible for Social Security numbers," the Washington Post reports. "'Everybody is a citizen for tax purposes,' said Lopez, adding that the concept is 'hard to digest' for some immigrants. 'The IRS tells you you are a citizen, but immigration could come and deport you.' The national debate over immigration legislation has driven clients into Hank Azais's consulting service. His Manassas and Winchester offices have filed about 400 tax returns this year, half using Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers. Azais said some of his customers have asked him for assistance in filing years of back taxes to make sure they are in good standing with the IRS."
H/T Dan Stein

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