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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Foes of FB ban clash on tactics

Source: wfaa
Tensions are high among opponents of a controversial Farmers Branch ordinance aimed at illegal immigrants, and the rifts are widening as people on the same side of the issue accuse one another of wrongdoing.

The development, some observers say, could hurt chances of defeating the ordinance and getting City Council candidates who share their view elected May 12.

One of the most vocal opponents of the measure that would ban apartments from renting to most illegal immigrants has parted ways with the League of United Latin American Citizens over the group's tactics.

And one Dallas activist is accusing some in the movement of violating election laws and of hypocrisy for not supporting the only Hispanic candidate running for City Council. They in turn said he is manipulating the issue and the media for personal gain.

"People on the same side of an issue sometimes get angrier at each other for not agreeing how to fight than they get at their opponents," said Christopher McGuire, one of the leaders of Uniting Farmers Branch, a grassroots movement launched last fall to fight Ordinance 2903. "And also, I think people are feeling pretty stressed, because it looks like we're going to lose pretty badly. My prediction is we're going to lose 2-1."
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