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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Stupidest Idea Of The Day!!

Source: csm

This just in from the "elder statesman of journalism," Daniel Schorr...(And yes I do believe it's supposed to be ironical)
I have a suggestion to make, namely, that the primary election be abolished altogether and that the nomination simply be awarded to the candidate who has raised the most money.
I would love to see smart people get together and try to figure out ways to decrease the amount of money required to run for any elected office. By setting the financial bar so very high you exclude a lot of folks who would do an excellent job and of course you make the race solely about pleasing the moneyed elites who already wield a disproportionate influence.

In this time of almost unlimited internet access there must be a way to harness these new technologies to provide more access for less money.

As Mr. Schorr says of his small proposal...
But awarding the election to the biggest bankroll would certainly give us the best president money can buy.

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