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Friday, April 13, 2007

Take A Minute And Think About This...

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Okay, this is your standard boo-hoo let's just love up some illegals type of fare...
The floor at Riverside Arena appeared to be divided right down the middle at Thursday night's Immigration Forum, with several anti- and pro-immigration activists present to hear the panel discussion.

Austin resident Sister Ruth Snyder, who spent 21 years in Peru doing mission work, said she came to the forum with hopes that Austin would learn the truth about immigration and immigrants. 'There are so many myths,' she said. 'Hopefully, Austin is ready to learn the facts.'

Snyder said she believes people can gain more respect for other cultures by living within other cultures.
Got the picture? Now, toward the end of the piece we find this quote...
Miguel Garate, international student adviser for Riverland, said Austin was a 'dead town' when he moved to the city 10 years ago. Now, because of the diversity, he feels the town has become a better place to live.

'This is my town, my home,' he said. 'If we work together and reach for
each others' hands, this can be the best place to live.'
I won't presume to speak for one other person here but, my response to this tripe?



I am so fricken tired of foreigners explaining to us how much better they make the United States! Here's a thought, if your culture is so delightful, the door swings both ways and you are more than welcome to bask, marinate, and dip yourself in it back in the old sod.

Here's the irony, I enjoy different cultures, but I don't enjoy having them forced on me. I don't enjoy being told that I will enjoy them or be censured. Know what? I like America a whole bunch, right now, full F'in stop!


If you feel it's broken? Perhaps you don't need to be here!

If it's not too your liking? You are welcome to leave, or not come in the first place.

Is America simply "diversity?" Does America have a culture? Is it their place for those coming here to change this country? Have you asked for that? I know I haven't.

I always say, immigrants are like spices, too much is overpowering and unpleasant. I know some will attempt to take my analogy and say "Aha, then too little is bland!"

If you believe that? Why stay? Why not go somewhere you'll be happier? If this country has to become nothing more than a perpetual motion machine to please those who aren't from here and those who dislike this country?

Then are we a country anymore? How could you claim that? America has a most distinctive culture, yet it has become a mantra that we are no more than diversity, that diversity encompasses our totality. Is that true? Do you feel that's true, I don't.

I love America, if you don't? Pack an F'in bag and get out!

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