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Friday, April 13, 2007

Freaky Friday!

So I'm bopping along minding my own business when a fellow Youtube user suggests I watch this video. It's one of the growing "truther" movies purporting to EXPOSE how 9-11 was an inside job.

I have only one question: have we somehow managed to raise a generation completely innocent of the scientific method?

For the uninitiated it's called "comparing unlike objects or actions."  To compare a fairly light (or low mass) race car slamming into the incredibly heavy (high mass) and anchored to the ground wall to a many tonned airplane (high mass) slamming through glass (If you have to ask I'll slap you!)?

In fact, if you watch the video it actually contradicts the point the maker was attempting, in his cannabis influenced way, to make.  If you know how the WTC was built you will already know that the main supports for the building were located in the center of the building.  So when the plane passes easily through the exterior shell and doesn't appear to explode until it hits the middle of the building?

Yeah!  That's what you expect if the main supports for the building where in the middle of the freaking building!  The exterior of the building consisted of glass and the pancake flooring, that's it, so the idea of a plane weighing hundreds of tons passing easily through is not only not evidence of government conspiracy  it also makes perfect sense.

Tell you what it does prove though, there are a lot of really stupid people running around out there, and they can vote!

I repeat: Have we somehow managed to raise a generation entirely innocent of the scientific method?

I feel dirty somehow even responding to this retarded tripe.

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