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Thursday, April 12, 2007


Source: Progressive retard

I'm always fascinated by those who say exactly what I say, yet somehow act as if it were somehow different because they're "PROGRESSIVE!!!!" (yes, every one of those exclamation points was necessary, deal with it!!!!!)

To wit...
Tomorrow: The United States' third civil war

Hispanics are roughly 20% of the population and they're an abused ethnic minority bound by language and geographic distribution, just like the Kurds in Iraq. Evangelical/fundamentalist Christians are 20% of the population here and they dominate the other 60% of the non-fanatical predominantly Christian population, just as the Iraqi Sunnis dominated the Shi'ia majority. The leaders of Iraq were war criminals. The major figures in the Bush administration are war criminals.

Are you starting to get a little nervous here, like a big steaming pile of poetic justice is about to come down on us?

Anti immigrant politics in the United States become popular any time there are economic pressures on the native born. Globalization and the flight of manufacturing interests have heaped misery on blue collar workers and the slow motion collapse of the housing market will spread that suffering to all classes. Someone must be at fault and the eleven million visually and linguistically different Hispanic illegal immigrants here make an obvious target for displeasure.

Anti immigrant sentiment alone is not enough to trigger a civil war, but adding a very large, violent, armed cult with an apocalyptic world view to the mix is.

Republicans have peeled away from the party; what was an even split is now 50% Democrat/35% Republican according to a recent Pew poll on the subject. This trend will continue until the Republican party contains none but those who believe the Christian End of Days myth and believe that they need only instigate a nuclear conflagration in the Middle East to make their prophecy come true. Color George Bush afflicted by this particular brand of madness.

I said violent and armed and I do mean just like those people in Waco, only on a scale a thousand times larger and funded with our tax dollars. Take a look at Blackwater, with their fundamentalist Christian founder, a 7,000 acre private military base in South Carolina, and a hundred thousand mercenaries available for use anywhere in the world. Many, many Christian Nationalist would work with such an organization to affect a coup in the United States, should The Decider decide that he knows better than the American people.

How this all plays out, should it come to pass, is anyone's guess. Will we see a Christian Nationalist state arise in the old Confederate States' geographic territory? Will the Southwest convulse and cleave to Mexico taking half a dozen states in the process and wiping out California's economy, the eighth largest in the world? Will the breakaway Republic of Vermont finally free itself? Will they establish diplomatic relations with the Republic of Texas?
So? When I suggest these things are true I'm a crazy bigoty-bigot with xenophobolicious tendencies and really great haircut? And when they do it's what? Speaking truthiness to power?

What's the diff exactly other than the fact that I simply refuse to worship at the Church Of White Guilttm?

Yes Progressive Retards this is exactly where this is taking us, and no, this has precisely nothing to do with "poetic justice." A concept I'll wager you have no more knowledge of than my cats do of jazz!

How exactly is it poetic justice for us to be punished when it is Hispanics themselves who keep themselves ghettoized by language, not to mention coming here illegally? Has it become our obligation to welcome each and every person who breaks into this country to steal the American dream? Is that the deal now, did I miss a constitutional memo?

No, it isn't. By choosing to break into this country and demand change here, instead of trying to fix their own they are beneath my contempt. Here's my hard word for the day: to every "Hispanic" person who wishes America to be more like Mexico? Here's a thought: go back to Mexico!

Because if you won't? Then you and you alone are responsible for Mexico's failing condition by abandoning the country you allege to love and coming here, running away from what in any sane world is your obligation, your country, Mexico!

Yes Progressive Retards we are heading toward civil unrest, why is it you appear unable to understand that you will be caught up in the maelstrom as well? Do you really think your ability to discern the frothiest of Cappuccino's will save you in that time? Your "sensitivity?"

You will find on that day that you are, like it or not, part of a country, and that you depend on that country for your safety and security, though I have a funny feeling that it will be too late for the likes of you when that time rolls around.

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