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Friday, April 13, 2007

Follow Up!

I posted earlier on a fracas at the University of Texas San Antonio, where a group of (cough) Liberals (cough) harangued and harassed Chris Simcox of the Minutemen.

After posting I decided to track down the gal quoted in the article, she was one on the organizers and a member of the Young Conservatives of Texas. She just responded. I'd asked if she could shed any light on the actual affiliation of the (cough) Liberals (cough) who to quote the ridiculous news article 'descended' on the event. She sez...
I can't confirm that the groups are socialist/anarchist, however, I have seen some of their members in the past with anti-capitalist propaganda at UTSA. They also sport Che Guevara shirts more often than not.
Certainly indicative if not proof. She also included a round up of links, the comments under this post at the blog revolution were simply amazing, if not jaw bruising.
Student Teacher Worker sez:

It’s unfortunate that, as someone functioning at a university level, it is not understood that the histories of nationalist/racist crusades necessitate passionate opposition. The Nazis were allowed to speak freely and they went on to kill ten million people.

It’s interesting that you write that “primal instincts” are reverting back as opposed to simply being innate. Shooting “illegal” workers is not acceptable, and opposing it should be primal.

Simcox took a break and didn’t come back. That proves success. I think we did do a good job, thank you.
Just wow! The certitude! The unwavering conviction unsullied by mere facts! The patchouli stink! This cat has got all that and more!

What is it with the left calling people Nazi's? Are they genetically bereft of the irony gene? Are they unaware that Nazism was/is a leftist movement? And I continue to ask if they are allowed to decide that something/somebody is unworthy of free speech why then can't we decide they are unworthy of free speech?

And finally, I would appreciate if just one of these puling sacks of crap would offer the tiniest shred of evidence that a Minuteperson has ever once "shot" an illegal worker! Once! Just once! I realize that facts, or possibly even the mention of the possibility that there could be a fact makes you woozy big boy, but really, if you want to sit at the adult table you should try them sometime, they're delicious and nutritious!

On to the next lunatic...
The question of whether or not the Minutemen are racists isnt even up for debate. The membership of National Alliance members (the largest neo-nazi organization in the U.S.) is well documented. And even if you want to argue the authenticity of that documentation, the very fact that white supremacists are flocking to the Minutemen suggests that thier ideologies are more similar than not.

The truth is, this is the type of America we live in. We live in a society where white supremacist hate speech is protected by the police, and amplified in the media via shows like Bill Orielly and Lou Dobbs. We live in an America where those who oppose the undemocratic economic policies of the WTO are beaten by cops in the street. We live in an America where Klan members murder workers protesting them in the street in Greensborough, North Carolina and then are subsequently set free.

Real freedom of speech exists only for racists and profiteering corporate bosses.
So sez the lunatic commenting on a blog, in public, without the Gestapo whisking him away to Reich wing detention centers carefully salted away in Dick Cheney's underwear! Fancy that!

I want to hip you up to a leftist debate tool we see employed all the time, when you can't prove something, or more tellingly, know it to be false, what do you do? Admit you were wrong? Are you kidding? Nope, here's what you say...
The question of whether or not the Minutemen are racists isnt even up for debate.
When there is no proof, or conversely, when the only proof you have comes from such reputable sources as "indymedia" or "guerilla media" this is what you do (think global warming: we have consensus!). You simply tell people that the debate is over and you have won. Interestingly enough, in my experience with these patchouli slathered lunatics as soon as you insist that the debate is most definitely not over they cave, why? Because they know they're lying!

Laura, one of the brave Young Conservatives of Texas who hosted the event featuring Mr. Simcox also sent some pictures. Feast your eyes on the flower of today's yout's (extra geek points if you can name the movie reference there, this is an easy one guys)

Such tolerance, such understanding, for themselves! It appears everyone not like them is welcome to eat a shit sandwich and die, just my impressions of course, but I have a feeling about this one guys, you'll just have to trust me!

As to affilitations? This picture was the icing on the cake...

This is a standard socialist/retard chant. When you've dealt with them as much as we have you slowly begin to realize that they have the basic creativity of a mildly aroused chimp, so you hear the same slogans shouted through bullhorns time after time after time ad nauseum.

So to return to yesterday's point. Are communists/socialists/anarchists the new "Liberals?"

Magic eight ball sez: likely!

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