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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Help Like This We Don't Need, Thanks Anyway!

Recently we posted on a Minuteman rally crashed by the KKK. It seems we've caught the attention of the Grand Kleagle, oh hooray! From comments...
I read your artical about what you think what you assumed was the reason the White Legion Knights attended the Rancho Cucamonga Rally against the illegals, yesterday.Just to set the record straight, we the White Legion Knights of the KU KLUX KLAN had no intent to support the Minuteman Project, here or anywhere. We attended knowing that there would be the usual mob of stupid mexicans and thier haluzinations of taking over our Country, this State and Yours, you know the issues.You also know the media, and you should know better to post a story before checking out the facts.Set the record straight, post a correction, we are on your side, Pro-White. John Dunlop 33/6 Grand Dragon Cailfornia WHTL KKK. WHITELEGIONKNIGHTS.ORG GRAND DRAGON 33/6
While I have no problem per se with white folks being proud of and supporting their race, especially as our nation appears to be balkanizing along ethnic lines, precisely how much of a mouth breathing retard must you be to actually be a member of the KKK?

Truly, the mind boggles!

A reminder: These aren't the first extremist goons to offer their "support."

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