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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Define Irony: KKK Clashes With Brown KKK, Minutemen Leave

Source: Daily Bulletin
KKK usurps protest Minuteman group calls off rally

RANCHO CUCAMONGA - An illegal-immigration protest organized by the Minuteman Project on Saturday morning was foiled by the arrival of members of the Ku Klux Klan.

About 10 members of the white-supremacist group showed up at Arrow Highway and Grove Avenue and proceeded to shout chants and wave an American flag. Some members wearing black T-shirts emblazoned with the KKK insignia concealed their identity with bandanas and sunglasses. One man identified himself as a member of the White Legion Knights of the Ku Klux Klan from Yucaipa.

KKK members said they were at the protest to support the Minuteman Project but refused to comment further.

Minuteman Project National Rally spokesman Raymond Herrera said his group of about 40 members decided to leave shortly after the KKK showed up.

Herrera said Minuteman Project members did not invite the KKK and would no longer post the dates of protests on its Web site. "We don't approve of standing anywhere near the KKK - they're not with us," said Herrera, a Mexican-American from Victorville. "We're a multi-ethnic group. We don't believe in racism, and when the Nazis show up we cancel the rallies immediately. We do not intermingle and we do not believe in their philosophy."
Okay let's break this down and then we'll get to the delicious, crispy irony...

Minutemen hold a rally against a day labor site, self described members of the KKK show up, the Minutemen, lead by an American citizen of Hispanic descent do what? They leave!

As racist,nativistic, xenophobolicious organizations go this is quite disappointing. In fact I believe there's no pogram to be smelled here at all (the judgment bunny will be soooo disappointed) .

Now here's the crispy delicious irony and understand I have no truck with the KKK, I am not a fan in any way shape or form and the object of the rest of this post is not to in any support the KKK, merely to point out the glaringly obvious double standard at play in this situation.

Unfortunately I cannot post the pictures for copyright reasons so if you'll click here it will show you one of the KKK dudes.

K? Let's assume he is exactly what he says he is, a member of a white supremacist organization.

Now click through to this picture. You're looking for the guy dead smack center with the sign that read LA RAZA!!

Um, correct me if I'm mistaken here, but the reason the media is pissing there pants about the KKK is that they are a racial supremacist organization, si?

Well, LA RAZA means "THE RACE!" Can someone explain to me the difference, exactly, cuz I ain't seeing it.

So, and bear with me here, when white people support their "race" this is the most horriblest thing that has ever happened, must be stamped out immediately and if at all possible all rednecks must be killed on GP's?

Am I understanding this correctly?

Then conversely why is it perfectly okay for cute "brown" people to hold up placards proclaiming they are part of "THE RACE!" If you've yet to enjoy a refreshing caffeinated beverage yet today this is what we in the writerly biz refer to as "some extremely funny shi-ite!"

The primary reason for the humor is the wild cognitive dissonance that simply assumes that white people are dangerous but that cute brown people, no matter what they say or do are simply saintly people who happen to excrete in planters in public places.

Goose and gander folks, goose and gander. I believe I'll give a crap one way or the other about the oh-so-scary and I'm sure according to Morris (Imaginary Hate crimes smell like sweet -- sweet money) Dees at the SPLC, "RESURGENT" KKK as soon as they are equally upset about cute brown folk sending the exact, selfsame message.

Judgment Bunny sez: There's no pogram, NO FRICKIN POGRAM I SAID! Now get outta my face!


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