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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Point Of Clarification!

Yesterday we posted an article about the two girls killed in Va. Beach by an illegal alien driving drunk.

Now here's what I wanted to pull out and inspect separately. In the newspaper article it states unambiguously that...
Ramos, who admitted in court Monday that he is in the country illegally
Okay, he's admitted he's in the country illegally, are we all together on that? Now here's how the news piece ended...
Ramos faces deportation if he is convicted, according to U.S. immigration laws. People who are deported for criminal convictions have either committed felonies or "crimes of moral turpitude," including crimes such as murder, manslaughter, rape and most theft crimes, U.S. immigration law states.
Now this listing of the reasons folks would be deported only applies to legal immigrants, right? So why on earth does an article about an illegal alien finish with a description of the reasons legal immigrants can be thrown out of the country?

A bit puzzling no? I have a call in to one of the writer's of the piece, I don't expect a call back so don't hold your breath. Again just to state the obvious, if you are in this country illegally the correct legal remedy for that situation IS deportation, no triggering event or "plus" is required. You don't have to kill someone to be deported as an illegal alien, and even then it's fairly unlikely, but in theory, were the laws enforced (sounds crazy, I know! I know!) if you are here illegally all that's required to correctly deport your ass is a determination that you are indeed here illegally.

I tend to think this is just one more example, amongst the multitude, that either attempts to conflate legal and illegal immigration or displays the deep and profound ignorance of those intrepid souls that self identify for tax purposes as "journalists."

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