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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

110% Preventable!

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Tessa Tranchant, 16, left, and Allison Kunhardt, 17, were killed late Friday. Grieving father Ray Tranchant says his daughter Tessa and her best friend Allison Kunhardt, “were just sitting at the light, strapped in their seat belts. They were just doing what they were supposed to be doing.”
Suspect in crash that killed 2 had alcohol-related convictions

VIRGINIA BEACH - A man accused of killing two high school students Friday night in a car crash has a record of alcohol-related convictions in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach.

Alfredo Ramos, charged with manslaughter in the deaths of Allison Kunhardt, 17, and Tessa Tranchant, 16, was convicted this year of DUI in Chesapeake and of public intoxication in Virginia Beach.

Ramos, who admitted in court Monday that he is in the country illegally, also was convicted in Chesapeake last year of public drunkenness.

Ramos was scheduled to appear this morning in front of Juvenile and Domestic Relations Judge Deborah Rawls for a bond hearing, but the motion for the hearing was withdrawn.

Two 2007 Chesapeake convictions - a seat-belt violation and identity theft - appear not to be alcohol-related.

Additional Chesapeake charges - driving without a license and having no insurance - were withdrawn earlier this year.

On Monday morning, Ramos, 22, was arraigned on the manslaughter charges in Virginia Beach Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.

His 25-year-old brother, who lives in Norfolk, also is here illegally and asked not to be identified because of his immigration status. He said he talked to his brother by phone Friday before the accident and, after learning he had been drinking, warned Ramos not to drive.

Afterward, his brother told him he had no memory of the crash. He learned from authorities that he had killed two people, his brother said.

Ramos, who was born in Mexico of Guatemalan parents, has been in the United States for about seven years.
Now let's take a look at those deep dark shadows illegals supposedly inhabit...
Most recently, Ramos was employed as a waiter at Mi Casita, a popular Mexican restaurant on Bonney Road in Virginia Beach.
Hmmm, I'm almost tempted to wonder if they might have hired any other lawless individuals? But of course the shadows they exist in are so deep that no one but REPORTERS can possibly figure out where they are.

Now for the best part...
Ramos faces deportation if he is convicted, according to U.S. immigration laws. People who are deported for criminal convictions have either committed felonies or "crimes of moral turpitude," including crimes such as murder, manslaughter, rape and most theft crimes, U.S. immigration law states.
Oh goody! So scumbag Ramos will be deported from the country? Gosh I feel safer already! But wait! What if he simply strolls over our essentially undefended border like the thousands of other illegal parasites that do so on a consistent basis?

I'm sure that some magical power will stop him at the border, right? And replace his massive lawlessness with just a hint of minty freshness!

A reminder: The Deportation Joke!

Scumbag Ramos sez: I'll be back stupid Gringos! Keep the cervezas muy frio!

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