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Monday, April 02, 2007

The Rabbit Hutch (a.k.a. Chicago)

If I had any doubts about why my mayor is so fond of Chicago being a sanctuary city for illegal aliens, they've been cleared up. If I had any questions about why my congressman is such a race pandering whore, they've been answered.

Evidently, demographically speaking, I live in a city that is well on the way to being a Hispanic majority -- via "immigration" (wink, wink) and a rabbit-like reproduction rate.

Source: Chicago Tribune
It's common knowledge that Chicago's population is being buoyed by an infusion of immigrants, mainly from Mexico.


Johnson's data for a slightly different period -- 2000 to 2004 -- show that, for every Hispanic death in Chicago, there were 10 children born to Latino parents. That's because the Mexicans and other Spanish speakers immigrating to the U.S. are mainly young adults. The influx is still new enough that there just aren't very many elderly Hispanics in the city.

By contrast, there were about three African-American babies born for every black Chicagoan who died. For whites there was roughly one birth for each death.
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