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Monday, April 02, 2007

Kaus: NRO Wobbly On Immigration? A Nine Point Rebuttal!

Source: Kausfiles

Mickey Kaus has been having a little back and forth with NRO on a recent editorial they published recommending the 'Isakson' plan, which contains an unabashed amnesty. Kaus responds with a fierce rebuttal, here are a couple of the points make sure to click over and read the whole thing...
3. The Isakson plan sets in place--in law--an eventual amnesty, once certain "benchmarks" relating to border security and employment are met. If you worry about amnesty, as I do and I assume NR does, it seems not even a close question whether no bill is better than Isakson. As Mark Krikorian notes, Isakson's plan would legitimize amnesty, undermine enforcement, and create pressure for a future fudging of the benchmarks to allow an amnesty whether or not border protections, etc., work. A legislative impasse would be far preferable.** It would constitute a loud, deflating rebuff to amnesty supporters while it let enforcement measures continue. (How refusing to concede the amnesty issue makes enforcement "an impossible ideal" is beyond me.)

5. But the action is not confined to the Senate, or Congress, or Washington. Unlike welfare reform--where popular opinion had consistently and overwhelmingly opposed the old AFDC cash-without-work program--there's an actual competitive national debate going on about what to do about immigration. It's obviously important who wins this debate--more important than the current array of positions in the Senate. If the public comes down on one side or the other, the politicians, including most Senators, will follow.
Indeed! Read it

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