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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sweet Jesus: BOMB MEXICO CITY NOW!!! & Enforcement Works!

Source: team4news

We covered this story earlier this week, but I think this qualifies as a new wrinkle...
Miriam Medel, Mexican Consulate [in McAllen] spokesperson, tells Action 4 News they'll be very vigilant all weekend [due to the Minuteman Project patrolling the Rio Grande Valley based out of Mission, Texas]. "We want to make sure that no human rights are violated, and make sure that it's only the authorized personnel, the people who have had the training and the mandate to do so, the only ones that are making the arrests" said Medel...

...The Mexican Government has expressed concern with the Minuteman Project, and asks that state and federal measures be taken to safeguard the rights of Mexicans crossing the border illegally.

"If it happens, we are going to ask for the appropriate authority to take those people into custody, to take action against them because they are going to be violating the American law by taking justice into their own hands" said Miriam Medel when describing what the Mexican Consulate will do if they detect that a Minuteman volunteer comes in contact with or arrests a Mexican national trying to cross into the United States.

While condemning the act of detaining migrants by the Minuteman Project, the Mexican Government continues to look for mechanisms that ensure Mexican migration is legal, orderly and respectful to the United States.
Pinch yourself as you imagine Mexico saying this with a straight face. I'm certain somebody giggled and the reporter simply forgot to make a note of it.

And as always, any enforcement now matter how small or feeble always, always works...
Action 4 News has learned that because of the Minuteman's position in the Valley, some human smugglers are now charging between $2,000.00 to $2,500.00 dollars per person, to cross someone illegally into the United States and then taken to Houston.
It becomes more and more imperative for us to have the war with Mexico that Mexico is dying to have. This level of contempt cannot be allowed to stand, after a statement like this Mexico City should be a smoking crater.

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