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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Where Do We Retreat To Then?

Upon approval of the Fiscal Year 2008 Senate Budget Resolution (S. Con.Res.21) on the 23rd of March, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid enthused, "Senate Democrats are committed to the priorities of Latino families and we are rolling up our sleeves to ensure that the values important to Hispanic families are reflected in our nation's budget."

Why is the Senate Majority Leader so eagerly kissing the butts of roughly 14% of the population when a growing segment of that population are illegal aliens?

The day before, while rallying the ethnic media’s support (via teleconference) for his latest bit of anti-American legislation in the House, Luis Gutierrez waxed poetic over his “New Worker” classification: “It’s not about people coming here temporarily, then working, then shipping them off. It’s about new workers incorporating themselves and, if they like, integrating themselves and their families into the very fiber of our American society.”

For Gutierrez and his cosponsors (two of whom also represent Chicago), the very fiber of our American society is but a welcome mat for an ever-increasing number of immigrants, legal and illegal, to wipe their feet on as they pursue their “Dreams”.

Gutierrez has been busy.

On March 15th this year, Gutierrez introduced H. R. 1557 (For The Relief of Elvira Arellano) calling for Permanent resident status for Arellano. You may recall Elvira "We're-human-beings-God-made-this-world-for-anyone-
and-I-can't-understand-how-there -are-people-so-selfish
-and-want-a-country-just-for-them" Arellano from this past summer. An illegal alien and mother of an anchor baby, she was deported once and found guilty of Social Security fraud. Rather than submit to another deportation, Arellano holed up in the Aldalberto United Methodist Church in Chicago.

As a general rule, hiding in a church doesn’t stop the United States government from apprehending criminals, but Arellano’s been there for over 7 months. Clearly Arellano’s desire to integrate into our very American society won’t be hampered by the trivialities of American Law.
It’s unlikely that the Reid-Gutierrez-McCain-Kennedy-Bush axis is unaware of the fact that government support of the illegal alien debacle encourages more illegal behavior and instability.

They know what they’re doing.

It has been said that ours is a nation of laws. That justice, while slow moving, is assured. That the law will protect us and the truth will out.

These beliefs are part of the very fiber of the American society.

I don’t say the great majority of American citizens spend the day congratulating one another because they believe in the aforementioned concepts. But I do believe the great majority of Americans take comfort in the idea that our civilization is maintained as a result of conscious individual choices conforming to those concepts of truth, justice and obedience to the law. It’s what prevents us from committing road rage or driving into a crowd of pedestrians in a religious frenzy.

Americans understand that without those conscious choices, without that commitment to civilization and the law, there is chaos and violence.

Similar to the chaos and violence displayed in Mexican border towns and border regions throughout the Middle East.

But what happens when laws designed to protect individual freedoms and liberties become inconvenient for an insufferable and wholly disengaged government?

What happens when truth, justice and the law are manipulated, twisted or ignored to suit the desires of elected officials, business interests, people of color and special interest groups?
Well, we get a country with over 20 million illegal aliens, all of whom, even the felons and murderers, are above the law, while that same disengaged government invites millions more illegals into the country.

The logical outcome of all this pandering and betrayal at the hands of our elected officials and judges will be the inevitable demand for political autonomy from those same illegal aliens.
What happens when, say, Mexicans in Southern California decide that their numbers, shared culture and heritage demand either self rule or declaring the American ground upon which they stand to be part of Mexico?

Surely that time will come.

Blacks in Los Angeles are allegedly being terrorized and murdered by Hispanic gangbangers so as to remove Blacks from Hispanic neighborhoods. That being the case, those gangbangers would seem to be engaging in a de facto ethnic cleansing campaign against Americans on American soil.

What happens when members of those illegal alien enclaves, and especially the young, begin to look upon criminal gangbangers as saviors and martyrs in the fight to free themselves from a racist and evil American society?

At that point, what laws will the elected officials and judges avail themselves of to reverse the disintegration of the United States?

And having prohibited Federal Law Enforcement from actually doing their jobs, who will enforce those laws?

Will promises of a wall stretching from California’s eastern border and running across the northern borders of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas be enough to quiet any dissent from what’s left of the American citizenry?

Where do we retreat to then, Dearborn?

I suspect Gutierrez’s vision of “our American society” is somewhere in the not too distant future, where the constitution means whatever he and his ilk want it to mean, where people of color live in peace, harmony and equality (provided their particular ethnic superiority is unchallenged) and the white folks have all left the building.

Thomas Paine said it: “ The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country…”

Oh, for one bold American conservative to leave the soft, sticky embrace of the Republican Party and stand with the American People.

David Tatosian