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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Illegals, Illegals, Everywhere You Turn

Source: Tucson Citizen (H/T Immigration News Daily)
A planned hijacking of a drug load turned tragic Friday when bandits mistakenly opened fire on 23 illegal immigrants, including three small children, hidden in a pickup, state and federal authorities said.

A man, Antonio Perez-Perez, 30, and a woman, Consuelo Perez-Roman, 28, were killed. A third victim, Everando Perez-Salas, 47, was injured.
The 23 comprised 3 families, all from Chiapas. The group entered the country illegally near Sasabe and were picked up by smugglers, who crammed them into the back of pickup truck with a camper shell.
Two suspects, Rosario Humberto Araujo-Monares, 21, and Martin Flores-Gaxiola, 18, were arrested Friday at a campsite a half-mile south of the shooting, just west of Green Valley.
That's two more players in this story who made it into the country illegally. Just to work hard, mind you -- work hard at hijacking a load of drugs. Mistaking the vehicle filled with humans for one filled with a drug load, they "showered the truck with bullets from the front and both sides."

But wait, there's more.
While deputies tried to make sense out of the chaotic scene several miles west of Green Valley, several other groups of illegal immigrants, unrelated to those ambushed, came onto the scene. They were taken into custody by Border Patrol agents.
Let's see. That's a few illegal alien human smugglers, a couple of illegal alien drug smugglers, 23 smuggled illegal aliens, and assorted other groups of illegals wandering the area.
Authorities have said such attacks have become increasingly common over recent years. More illegal immigrants are moving into the United States through the Tucson area, and more border criminals converge on the area to rob them of cash or kidnap them for ransom from relatives.

"For a number of years we have been seeing a flood of undocumented immigrants coming into the United States, and criminals are becoming more brazen" in their attacks on them, Kastigar said.
But there's nothing to see, here, folks. Move along now.

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