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Friday, March 30, 2007

In Regard To the Harassment Of Patriots

From ifightback on the SOS boards
Our Republic is based on the Constitution & the welfare of the citizens of the United States. It's based on "of the people, by the people, for the people"

In other words, it's for "us", meant to work to "our" advantge, & meant to be run by "us"

Our Constitution gives us specific guidelines to follow to ensure all American citzens are treated fairly & without bias. Again, the keywords here are "American citizens"

Our rules of fair play are meant strictly for our citizens. They're not open to interpretation by activist judges or politicians

This country, it's laws & it's rights are for American citizens only

What the American people seem to have forgotten is our politicians & our form of government work only for us & represents us only

What we see happening today isn't just "the way it goes" nor does it have any reality based on factual law. It's our politicians & political elite making up the rules as they go along

Our Constitution & our form of government was never meant to usurp the will of the people. The rights & privileges afforded American citizens were meant for just that, American citizens

When our political elite bestow the rights of American citizens onto illegal aliens, foreign nationals, etc., they're committing a crime. This isn't the way it was meant to be. This isn't something we have to "live with" because we live in a free country

These politicians, lawmakers, judges, etc., are committing fraud upon the American people & America herself. Again, they're committing crimes against the American people. It's called treason

They can spin it anyway they like, but when our political elite use our Constitution & our rights to usurp our sovereignty & go against the wishes of the American people it's a factual crime. Nowhere does the afore mentioned rights of the citizens give them the power to bestow said rights upon non-citizens

Our rights & our safeguards protect US, the citizens, from OUR GOVERNMENT. It does NOT give our government the right to use them against us. The idea that our rights & protections are to be given out to & used freely by foreigners in our country is a fallacy

They stand on their bully pulpits & speak of our Constitution & our form of government as if those give them the right to allow an invasion & destroy our Republic. It's nothing but smoke & mirrors meant to deflect the treason they're committing

People will interpret our Constitution in many ways, but for those who think it gives foreign nationals the same rights as American citzens, I say you're dead wrong

What kind of laws would allow a nation to destroy itself? What form of government would allow itself to, due to it's concepts of freedom, to be done in by those very same concepts?

That in itself is absolute insanity. Are we to consider ourselves so free, so open that we'll destroy ourselves & our childrens futures in the proccess?

Our Constitution was put into place at a time when the concept of sovereignty actually meant something & the thought of millions of illegal aliens invading America was unheard of

Anyone who thinks that it was written with the 'rights" of foreign nationals in mind is insane

So America, it's time to wake up & realize this isn't happening because it's an inevitable part of living in a free & open society. It isn't. We the people have an absolute right to determine how we want our country run & who we let in

To think that we would allow & go along with ridiculous, dishonest & absurd interpretations of our laws in order to benefit those who would destroy our nation is beyond insanity

This is not the way it was meant to be

Americans, this is your country, & it's your duty to purge OUR governemnt of these treasonous whores we call "leaders". Our politicians are playing word games while they wrest control of our country & hand it over on a silver platter to illegal foreign nationals, & you're buying it lock, stock & barrel

When a certain towns police, DA's & judges go after a law abiding American citizens while they ignore the real criminals in their midst, does that not set off alarms?

When American citizens, trying desperately to protect their country & their children within the law, are harassed & prosecuted while the real criminals, illegal foreign nationals, walk our streets with impunity, that doesn't make you ask yourself what's going on?

When our "government" seems hellbent on protecting the rights of illegal alien criminals over the citizens, when they listen to the crowds of illegals marching in our streets but ignore the pleas from their own constituents, it doesn't seem to you that something is terribly wrong?

When will Americans understand this is their country & this is their government? When will they realize that they've handed their power to a small minority of corrupt carpetbaggers, rogues & thieves?

We must quit saying "oh well, there's nothing we can do about it". Because there is something we can do about it


A real American patriot Governor will see to it that American citizens are represented in his or her State

A real American patriot Police Captain will see to it that our laws are enforced & make sure his police force protect the citizens

A real American patriot DA will go after & prosecute real criminals

A real American patriot Mayor will make sure his or her constituents voices are heard & heeded

The moral of the story?

Put power hungry, pandering, treasonous snakes into office & watch as your rights & protections are taken away. Watch as your country is turned into a lawless, anarchy ridden hellhole

Put real American patriots into office & our laws & system of government will finally begin working for Americans again

It's up to you America. Turn off the TV & research those in power, at all levels. Find out just whom they're representing. Pinpoint the traitors, educate your families & friends & begin to purge YOUR government of these vile criminals

All it takes is to be educated on the issues & on those who represent us. It's not hard to do. It's very easy

Do you love America? Do you want your children to live in a free & prosperous America?

Then elect Americans into office

It's that easy
That was beautiful dude, thanks!

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