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Friday, March 30, 2007

American Sharia?

Hannitized dropped another treat in comments yesterday underneath this post.
He sez: First of all, my comment was intended to refer to Muslims in our country, not in the Mid East or Africa. I understand we have an issue with radical Islam.

The purpose for my remark was to reflect on your hysterical idea that we are going to destroy our country from within because we have Muslims in our country. What you are tasked to prove is that the type of behavior you have outlined above is happening in OUR country.
My question would be: Does he even read this blog, or has the liberalism eaten away his brain to such an extent that he's not able to view things that don't fit his PC assumptions? Or, more saliently, is he trying to hone arguments on this blog to make America less safe?

First let's dispense with this nonsensical question:

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As I wrote in an earlier post to our cheerful Muslim invaders..."See, here's the problem, you can't behave as utter stone age savages in one context and honestly not expect us to wonder when you will revert to this behavior. Especially as this behavior occurs literally all over the world and is creeping into the West with Muslim immigrants."

You can't have it both ways. You can't say "yes Islam is a problem" followed closely by "but not in the United States." Well, why not? Islam has made itself perfectly clear that it has every intention of "beating" the West. And I for one have no problem believing them.

Hysterical? Nice try H, you attempt to shame me from protecting me and my family, what does that make you, exactly? Appeaser? Traitor? Fool? Sap?

A liberal is someone who is incapable of acknowledging that there could be such a thing as an enemy. The ultimate irony is that though I am a firm believer in American exceptionalism this has nothing to do with what we're talking about here, I do not think American soil has some magic ability to magically erase a person's previous experience and training, and if that experience and training mitigates toward being a violent savage in the name of Islam?

I am a particular fan of Hannitized's attempts to harrumph his way out of this. I'm sure you recall the stock English character from books and films? Heavy set fellow, big mustaches? Fought in the "Big One?" And when this character is confronted by behavior or information he doesn't like he tends to harumph and grump without actually saying that he disagrees, this is Hannitized's way.

This blog is predicated on certain basic dictum's. The first is this quote from George Orwell...
To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle.
It's not hard to not see things you refuse to see. It's not difficult to ignore things that are unpleasant or scary. It's also not hard, though it's tremendously "liberal*" to ignore things that are morally difficult. When an individual or a religion assures me they are my enemy I have no problem taking them at face value. When an individual comes along, someone like, oh I don't know, how about Hannitized, and tries to shame me and you out of believing direct statements from our enemies?

What exactly does that tell you about Hannitized?

Hannitized? Why don't you go clean the beach and leave the heavy lifting to the adults? Thanks!

A big H/T to KD for the pic!

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