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Monday, March 26, 2007

Hirsi Ali under threat in US

Source: expatica
AMSTERDAM – Former MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali is now in danger in the US as well. Her security has been stepped up for the past three weeks. Because of concrete threats, she is now receiving the same level of protection as she previously needed in the Netherlands, the Volkskrant reports.

Hirsi Ali had more freedom of movement when she first arrived in the US last September. Her lack of freedom in the Netherlands was one of the reasons for her move.

The forced isolation made it impossible for her to continue in her position as MP at the time, she said. The Liberal VVD politician had to travel by armoured car in the Netherlands, accompanied by six bodyguards. In the US just two security workers, who kept an eye on her from a distance, sufficed.
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Hirsi Ali's protection is carried out by American security personnel commissioned by the Dutch Justice department. Hirsi Ali works at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington DC, a think-tank that has close ties with the Republican party.

As in the Netherlands, the threats against her come from Muslim extremists. They are in connection with the lectures and media appearances Hirsi Ali has been making since the publication of the American version of her autobiography, "The Infidel," in January.

The book has sold 148,000 copies over the past two months and led to heated debate in the US.

Besides glowing reviews in The New York Times and other media, Hirsi Ali is also coming up against opposition because of her uncompromising criticism of Islam.
How nice to know the headchoppers live amongst us. Say it with me boys and girls: Import savages...get?

I have a word to our Muslim community in America, never assume that your citizenship will protect you when one of your number fucks up on a cosmic scale again. Is it unfair, most likely, and them's the breaks kid because one of you will know this event was going to occur and I, along with a vast majority of Americans will suddenly remember that the immigration door swings both ways, it's happened before you know.

Most likely as we stand looking over the smoking remains of a major city* or watch the Youtube vido of an American on American soil being beheaded by the delightful headchoppers. That's my prediction, please god may I be wrong!

*I think about this every day when MJ goes to work as our city has been cased by the headchoppers. I wonder what will I do if I read that a nuke has been detonated downtown, or a dirty bomb? This isn't a hypothetical.


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