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Monday, March 26, 2007

The 'Hokey-Pokey" Amnesty?

Heh! This just in from Mark Krikorian via NRO...
Sources tell me that the White House has made significant progress in corralling Republican senators to support an amnesty bill, with the farcical "touchback" provision included, which would require illegal aliens to leave the country (however briefly) and then re-enter as legal workers.

Since this gimmick (which was also in the Hagel-Martinez amnesty passed by the Senate last year, as well as Mike Pence's amnesty plan and in Jeff Flake's new amnesty bill) requires illegals to step out of the country and then step back in, one reader suggested calling it the Hokey Pokey Amnesty, something I'm ashamed to say I hadn't thought of myself. Several other readers, as well as at least one congressman I've spoken with, are concerned that the touchback requirement could be rendered even more meaningless (is that possible?) by counting a visit by an illegal alien to his country's embassy or consulate as formally "leaving" the United States and then re-entering, since foreign diplomatic offices are considered to be foreign soil, so by entering one you are crossing a "virtual border."

And speaking of soil, here's another reader's suggestion: "Even better yet, they can just put some dirt from Mexico in a jar and it can travel the country. Illegals would only have to put their hand in it to claim legal status."
When legislation is this easy to skewer? It just has to be good for the country, right?

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