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Monday, March 26, 2007

LA Rallies: Pix -- Videos -- Coverage!

Some pictures from the Ted Hayes American Civil Rights March yesterday in LA...(H/T Free Republic)

The good guys!

Those damn white supremacists! They're not even white anymore! It's a world gone mad, mad I say!

The bad guys!

The beauty of the "pro-immigrant" lunatics is that all you have to do is train a camera on them and they provide the strongest argument possible against amnesty!

Let me see if I understand the argument. We so love the United States that as a show of devotion and a desire to be citizens we will wave the flags of the country we had to flee as a burning building? Wipe the US flag on the ground? And wear Mexican wrestling masks? And I'll wager if I watch the video I'll be able to enjoy hours of reconquista talk, threats against American citizens for having the temerity to question the wisdom of allowing the mouth breathing, low IQ retards the absolute privilege of being citizens in this country!

As I said, aim camera at "pro-immigrant" goons, shoot, amnesty argument kaput!

Immigration watchdog has a huge

SOS coverage

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