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Monday, March 26, 2007

Illegal Aliens a Boon for Reality TV?

Source: OC Register
Construction crews at Our Lady Queen of Angels are putting the finishing touches on a controversial new addition to the historic downtown church -- living quarters in which to harbor an immigrant family facing deportation, it was reported today.


"Here, we're taking our concerns about the nation's broken immigration system to a new level," Father Richard Estrada told The Times this week as he stood in the church's second-floor storage room, above the altar, that is being converted into housing.
NOW CASTING: This Old Sanctuary

Calling all churches with a small, dusty, un/under-used storage room! Must be able to prove lack of scriptural knowledge and willingness to break the law (except, of course, the 20-page, legally binding document you'll have to sign stating that production company bears no responsibility for, well, anything.) This should pose no problem, as those "auditioning" for the show have already exhibited great comfort with people who brazenly bear no responsibility for their actions!
Inspired by Elvira Arellano, an illegal immigrant from Mexico who has taken refuge at a Methodist church in Chicago since August to avoid deportation, leaders of the first sanctuary movement in 25 years are interviewing hundreds of prospective candidates for refuge and dozens of churches willing to accept the legal risks of taking them in, according to The Times.

To be eligible, an undocumented immigrant must be in deportation proceedings, have a good work record and have children who are U.S. citizens by birth, according to the newspaper. They must also agree to undergo training to overcome their fear of public exposure and articulate their cases at news conferences and public gatherings.
NOW CASTING: The Amazing Disgrace

Have you broken our immigration laws? Can you document (sorry!) your continued commitment to work here illegally?

We're looking for teams of two + anchor baby(ies) to brazenly thumb their noses at the immigration system from the comfort of a tiny sanctuary space. Must be able to cry on command, particularly in the presence of news cameras, and demonstrate that you do NOT understand the meaning of citizen, civil rights, law enforcement, or justice. Must have rudimentary knowledge of geography (Aztlan only), and those who speak English need not apply.

¬°Buena suerte!

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