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Monday, March 26, 2007

Texans Fight Trans-Texas Corridor

Source: WND
Texas farmers are stepping up their opposition to the Trans-Texas Corridor, a massive highway project that ultimately could take about half a million acres of the state out of agricultural production – and according to opponents possibly hasten the advent of a North American Union.

"Our members are overwhelmingly opposed to the Trans-Texas Corridor," said Farm Bureau President Kenneth Dierschke, a grain and cotton farmer from San Angelo. "There's never been any doubt that the impact on agriculture would be negative, but now we see a growing number of people who believe the TTC would be bad for all of Texas."
Texas Rep. Rick Hardcastle has taken steps to delay construction of the TTC in an effort to protect "the personal property rights of hard-working Texans."

Several other bills are in the works as well -- efforts to stop or delay this massive highway project. It's good to hear that at least some elected officials in Texas are looking out for guys like this:
Just days earlier, McLennan County Farm Bureau President Marc Scott said the TTC would be "devastating to the agriculture industry and to rural communities.

"As a personal note, the 1,700 acres that I produce on are all within the footprint of the proposed TTC,” Scott, a cow/calf and hay producer, said. “So this issue is very near and dear to my heart. My livelihood depends on the outcome of the TTC.”
An increasing number of Americans, like me, are growing very concerned about projects like this which appear to be a step toward the erosion of America's sovereignty via the creation of a North American Union. I say it's a threat to our security, a threat to our culture, and a threat to the very existence of our nation.

The current administration seems hell bent on taking this course. Thank goodness for citizens who pay attention, and for people, like these good Texans, who are doing something about it.

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