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Monday, March 26, 2007

Going After Minutemen?

Source: NBC San Diego
SAN DIEGO — Nine misdemeanor criminal charges were filed Monday against a member of the San Diego Minutemen, City Attorney Michael Aguirre announced.

John Matthew Monti, 36, is accused of four counts of battery, four counts of interfering with the civil rights of day laborers as well as one count of falsifying a crime report with the San Diego Police Department.

The charges stem from an incident last Nov. 18 in Rancho Penasquitos.

The city attorney alleges that Monti began taking photographs of the workers, calling them, “dirty Mexicans.” Monti then allegedly punched Estanislao Gonzales, a disabled man who attempted to walk away from him, Aguirre said.

Another day laborer, Roberto Pena, tried to help Gonzales and was also assaulted by Monti, according to Aguirre.

After the incident, Monti contacted police and claimed he was robbed and assaulted by as many as eight migrant workers, Aguirre said.

Monti is due to appear in court on April 13.
Here's the problem here, can we allow foreign nationals on American soil to go after Minutemen? I have the exact same discomfort with allowing illegal aliens crossing the border to press charges against border patrol agents. As far as the border patrol goes I think there could be a review board of some sort set up, but it shouldn't ever go to criminal trial without some sort of step in between, the rewards are too great for an illegal.

As to Minutemen? I have been waiting for this to happen. We noted some disturbing things last summer here in Chicago that convinced me that our government aided by Mexican agents in this country would start to persecute Minutemen members. Seeing as our government has decided it is no longer accountable to the people this really should come as no surprise.

Before this is over Minutemen will be in prison and dead, don't kid yourself. I suppose the upside is that this will make Hannitized happy, so there's that.

H/T immigration watchdog

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