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Monday, March 26, 2007

Free Gub'mint Cheese?

Source: examiner

San Fran really teeters on being parody proof!
Mayor Gavin Newsom took his public policy road show to the Mission district on Monday night to discuss The City’s universal health program — but was frequently shouted down by activists demanding to talk about other topics, including affordable housing and recent federal immigration raids.
I could almost feel sorry for Mayor Newfreak reading this.

Mayor Newfreak: How'zabout somma delicious free gub'mint cheese?

Lumpen townsfolk: No, not until you amend the SF constitution guaranteeing us sugary ponies and affirming that we are no longer located on planet earth!

Mayor Newfreak: Cheeeeese!? (wiggles gobs of free gub'mint cheese)

Lumpen townsfolk: Not until you guarantee we will never have to follow a law again and that we can freely have sex with random infants we spy in the street!

Etc. ad nauseum until mercifully a terrorist saws off their heads to wild applause!

H/T Polipundit

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