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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Celebrate "Our" Movement, or Else!

Hint: "our" does not refer to Americans

Source: Reuters
Hundreds of students, some waving Mexican flags or chanting in Spanish, walked out of Los Angeles-area schools on Friday to demand national and state holidays honoring migrant labor activist Cesar Chavez.

Some 500 students, mostly from heavily Latino neighborhoods of east Los Angeles, walked out of their classes in a demonstration organized by the immigrant-rights group By Any Means Necessary, school officials said.
You may remember By Any Means Necessary from previous activities, including getting violent at a local Michigan board meeting a couple of years back. You know...just your usual board meeting stuff -- rioting, turning over tables, endangering court reporters. First-hand account plus video here.

California state government offices and colleges were closed yesterday in honor of Chavez day. Public schools, however, were open, prompting this response from BAMN:
"Whether they want to close down the schools to honor the Chavez holiday or not, we are closing them and forcing everyone to recognize our Movement and honor the Chavez holiday!" the Web-site said.
Way to go, guys. Force is always a great way to win people over to your way of thinking.

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