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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Nope, No Bias here!

This just in from the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse. A business student was taking this class, "MGT 408: Change and Changing Contexts of Management." From this professor (send him an email.)

As part of the class they were dealing with immigration issues which the student felt were being handled in an unfair manner...
All of Dr. Betton's lectures centered around pushing his viewpoint and what he felt was right. Complex and debatable issues like global warming, corporate social responsibility, nanotechnology, immigration, etc. were geared to his one viewpoint. When our class was studying immigration and reading only pro-immigration (liberal) readings, I sent my professor links to a few viewpoints that oppose his views. Here is my exact email to Dr. Betton:

On Nov 1, 2006, at 3:25 PM, [Student] wrote:
here is are a few articles that present the detriment of immigration to the United States

first one is a complete anti-immigration

and the 2nd one is something i would really like you to consider adding to give a conservative view to immigration

thanks for reading
And here is the response from his professor...
From: Betton John H
Sent: Wed 11/1/2006 5:51 PM
To: [Student]
Subject: Re: takes from the 'other side' to consider on illegal immigration

I get really tired of right wing stuff. Surely you get enough of it. Do you ask for additional readings in your right wing classes. Obviously not. I resent your insulting assumption that you have the right to teach my class or that students are not familiar with right wing racist crap on immigration. Of course they are. My course is not being taught to reinforce right wing ideology. Don't you get enough of this in other classes, or do you need EVERY class to be consistent with extremist views.
Nope, no bias there! Think it's ever crossed "Ivory Towers" mind that some people might consider his views 'extremist?'

The kicker?

Dr. Betton is chair of his university's "Complaints, Grievances, Appeals & Academic Freedom Committee" (link)

Some thoughts from former students at "Rate My Professors"...
You run a strong possibility of getting a low grade even if you have great papers because he is unclear about the due dates and what he wants. The arm pit of the business school.

I encourage you all to not take this man if you are not a staunch representative of the Green Party. If he doesn't agree with you, you are done.

This is teh worst possible professor ever.

This man is an awful professor.

better share his opinion or else your will get a bad grade, only talks to or calls on a handful of people and they are usually girls..class shouldnt be required in mgt major, i am now dumber after taking.
So "not beloved" would sum it up I guess.

H/T noindoctrination via Vdare

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