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Monday, April 02, 2007

Always Nice When...

Some-damn-body makes my point for me...
“We’ve still got plenty of stupid white, black, pink and purple people that drive drunk. That’s plenty to go around,” he said. “The reality is if they weren’t here, they (illegal aliens) could not kill people [while] driving drunk.
Uh, 100% Preventable? You heard it here first folks!

Now, this article also demolishes another open borders lunatic canard, namely that illegal aliens commit less crimes than everybody else, ready?
Hispanics made up 18 percent of the 75,000 DWI arrests last year, while they accounted for 6 percent of the population. The portion of DWI citations going to Hispanics has crept up slightly since 2000, even as the growth in the state’s Hispanic population has outpaced overall population growth by more than 500 percent.

Since 2000, alcohol-related crashes among Hispanics have dropped from 9 percent of all crashes that involve Hispanics to 7 percent.
Hispanics account for 6% of the population and that 6% accounts for 18%!! of all DUI's in North Carolina. And though North Carolina has taken a lot of good steps on illegal immigration I would still have to ask if that number might possibly be higher?

At least in terms of DUI's we now have a number that Hispanics are committing them at three times the rate of their statistical representation in society. It's a funny thing, every time we find a hard number it is similar to what we learned today. Hmmm, "uncounted beans?"

H/T Toni @ BCL

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