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Monday, April 02, 2007


Source: dailymail

What the hell is going on in Britain?
Police send four police officers to tackle boy, 11, who called schoolmate 'gay'

When two policemen turned up unannounced at Alan Rawlinson's home asking to speak to his young son, the company director feared something serious had happened.

So he was astounded when the officers detailed 11-year-old George's apparent crime - calling one of his schoolfriends 'gay'.

They said primary school pupil, George, was being investigated for a 'very serious' homophobic crime after using the comment in an e-mail to a 10-year-old classmate. *snip*

"I thought the officers were joking at first, but they told me they considered it a very serious offence.

"The politically correct brigade are taking over. This seemed like a huge waste of resources for something so trivial as a playground spat."

Cheshire police launched the investigation last month after a complaint from the parents of the 10-year-old younger boy who received George's e-mail. *snip*
The most telling line in the piece...
"I've constantly contacted police about break-ins at my business and never get a suitable response.
Indeed, Sam Francis referred to this as "Anarcho-Tyranny." Which he defines thusly...

The result of anarcho-tyranny is that government swells in power, criminals are not controlled, and law-abiding citizens wind up being repressed by the state and attacked by thugs.

I agree and would that I think Anarcho-Tyranny flourishes when the government is more solicitous of criminals and illegal aliens than proper citizens. When government decides 'it knows best."

Anarcho-Tyranny is a complete moral inversion of relations between the state and its citizens. Though we are not as far gone as Britain, they represent the direction we're going.


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