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Monday, April 02, 2007

More of Ellis Island Reopened

Source: Washington Post
ELLIS ISLAND, N.J. -- Abandoned and fallen into disuse for decades, a significant piece of American immigrant history is reopening on Ellis Island following extensive restoration.

Parts of the island were opened to the public in 1990, for the first time since the immigration complex was shut down in 1954, but few people have been able to explore the rest of the historic island, including 30 shuttered buildings closest to the neighboring island where the Statue of Liberty stands.


The newly restored structure is the Ferry Building, where many new Americans caught rides off the island to begin their new lives after passing a maze of legal and health inspections.
Some of the PC catchphrases tossed around by the amnesty crowd -- we're a nation of immigrants, we're all immigrants, cracking down on illegal immigration is un-American -- are not only ridiculous...they are insulting.

Insulting to anyone with a sense of history. Insulting to anyone who loves this country enough to expect the government to look out for our citizens first. And insulting to anyone who began their new lives after "passing a maze of legal and health inspections" -- anyone who made an arduous journey to get here, only to go through the arduous task of following the law to stay and become a legal, honorable, contributing part of this nation.

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