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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Does God Hate America?

Source: WFN

Well according to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, yeah...
"The Lutheran bishops are united in their resolve not only to 'welcome the stranger' but to embrace the worlds, cultures, issues and gifts they bring with them... What kind of community will emerge in this changed, global world? This spiritual conversation was at the heart of our conversations with our leaders in Congress, and undergirds a vision for comprehensive reform of immigration policy which takes seriously both our need for security and the well-being of families who are our new neighbors."
What kind of community will emerge, certainly not an American one if these asshat leftist Padres have any say in the matter.

I thought this was rather telling as well...
Several synod bishops of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) urged their members of Congress and key congressional staff March 22 to enact comprehensive immigration reform in 2007 that is "humane and for the common good."
Who's common good? America's? Is America allowed to decide who will be welcomed in anymore or are we forced to accept anyone who demands entry because these jackasses read Marx instead of scripture?

We've been attempting to find a church to attend here in the city, we can't find one that isn't awash in this nonsensical leftist parroting, gosh, I wonder why the church is "dying?"

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