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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Found In Comments!

This seemed relevant to what we've been talking about today...
As a cop who did DUI enforcement around Washington DC and Northern Virginia, I can tell you that illegal aliens comprise a large part of my arrest stats. However unlike Americans, the illegal also has no driver's license and always lies about his/her name. With nothing else to go on, and since ICE will not come take them, we have to book them under the fake name and as soon as we release them with a court date, they just disappear and most likely just go get another fake ID. I have never had one of my illegal aliens show up in court and I sincerely doubt that they left the country. They're all still out there laughing at the American justice system that actually convicts and punishes people who are lawfully in this country and who show up for court. (link)
From: Lagniappeslair

So illegal aliens get off scot free while American citizens face punishment for the exact same actions? What's wrong with this picture?