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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Governmental Priorities, Mexican Style

Source: AP/Yahoo!

MEXICO CITY - The city's new mayor said he hopes to offer high-speed wireless Internet to all 8.7 million residents of this sprawling metropolis, even as it struggles to supply basic services such as water and electricity.

Marcelo Ebrard signed an agreement Monday with China's ZTE Corp. to set up wireless broadband "hotspots" linking schools, government offices and the city's thousands of surveillance cameras.

"The city government is giving this project the highest priority," Ebrard said, adding that the project will get off the ground within months.
*PHEW* I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief now. And here I was worrying that the people of Mexico City might not be able to go online to find out how long they're going to have to wait for the next shipment of water to be trucked in, or how many decades, give or take a year or two, until they might have access to the luxury of electricity.

Since taking office in December, Ebrard has announced ambitious plans to model Mexico City in line with trends in wealthier world capitals.
Is it really any wonder that this country hasn't been able to create and sustain an economy for its people? And that's with an estimated 20% of their population living in America!

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