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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Rio Grande Values Revealed!

Source: Mother Jones
Mexico City Will Legalize Abortion

Mexico City has a particularly left-leaning legislature this session--thanks, in large part, to increasingly open elections in the country, which have curtailed the power of the PRI party that ruled the country in a "soft dictatorship" for 70 years. Mexico City's legislature made headlines earlier this month when it legalized same-sex marriages. Today, the New York Times reports that the legislature is set to approve a law legalizing abortion for any reason in the first trimester, and the capital's mayor has said he'll sign it. In Latin America, which is predominantly Catholic, only Cuba, Puerto Rico and Guyana have similar laws. The procedure would be free at public health clinics.
These are the "social conservatives" El Presidente wants to flood the country with to save "family values?"

Uh, doesn't that seem pretty stupid now?

Are you as amused as I am that now that Mexicans are allowed more expression at the polls we're seeing the country take a hard left turn?

The "SAVIOR'S OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!!" folks, you heard it here.

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