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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Just A Little More "Uncounted Beans" Action!

Source: east valley tribune

It's the darnedest thing, every time patriots attempt to honestly assess illegal immigrants cost to society some (heh) bean counter seems to get in the way and keep that from happening, gosh, I wonder why?
Policy Change Let Murderer Go Free

"A Maricopa County court official took action to circumvent Proposition 100 less than two weeks after Arizona voters passed the constitutional amendment that denies bail for illegal immigrants accused of serious crimes. A memo dated Nov. 17 -- shortly before Proposition 100 took effect -- instructed Maricopa County Superior Court workers to stop asking about immigration status in inmates’ pretrial interviews," the East Valley Tribune reports. "In a second e-mail on March 19, [pretrial services director] Stinson reminded her staff of the directive and instructed them not to record any immigration information on paperwork . . . This e-mail was circulated four days after a paperwork error led to the release of an illegal immigrant who is now wanted in a fatal stabbing last week in Mesa. Police say Ruben Perez Rivera killed his cousin Tuesday night when he found the man with his ex-girlfriend. Under the terms of the law mandated by Prop. 100, Perez should have been in jail at the time of the stabbing while awaiting trial on felony charges of kidnapping and assaulting the ex-girlfriend on March 4."



As always: Uncounted Beans?

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