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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Didn't They Used To...

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Test Padre's for sanity...
Father John Butcher, a priest of the Episcopal Diocese of California and longtime activist in the peace and human-rights movements, said he recalled that as a young boy, he saw his father helping to dismantle the Japanese internment camps in Arizona.

As a 10-year-old, one thing stuck in his mind, he said: Not only were people forced to give up their property and professions when they were placed in the camps, but upon leaving them they were only allowed to take one suitcase filled with their belongings. The things that children treasured, such as bicycles and animals, were left behind.

"And they were forced to shoot their pets," he said.

Undocumented families today are often deported without their belongings, echoing the treatment of the Japanese, he added.
But wait, I sense a new meme a brewin'...
"Sixty-five years ago, when I was in high school in San Mateo, my classmates were taken away to internment centers. We were motivated by fear. That's what's going on today. When we are motivated by fear, we do things that lack compassion," Burch said -- referring to Japanese internment camps during World War II.
Hmmm, what could possibly be different between Japanese (CITIZENS) being tossed into internment camps and illegal aliens being deported? It's a toughie, but I bet even these lunatics will figure it out, eventually!

Hmmm, I sense another Godwin's Law violation.

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