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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Asking the Right Questions

Source: InsideBayArea

How do you break apart, with legislation, families composed of U.S. citizens, permanent residents with green cards, temporary residents with pending card applications and illegal immigrants? And what is the emotional toll on families under the threat that a loved one might suddenly be deported?
ANSWER: Legislation isn't breaking apart these families. Neither is the half-hearted, paltry, and very belated enforcement of existing laws that we've been reading about lately. These are defensive, surface complaints made by those here illegally and their supporters. Dig deeper, to the root of the problem, and you'll find the real, honest questions that too many are unwilling to ask...or answer:

What makes anyone think they have a right to break the laws of this country?

Why do illegal aliens feel that being here illegally somehow absolves them of taking responsibility for their actions -- something that is surely required of citizens and legal aliens?

And how do you sleep at night knowing that your actions have placed your "mixed-status" family in the turmoil and emotional distress that must accompany the fear of separation via deportation?

ANSWER: You tell yourself, your family, and anyone else who will listen that it's all the government's fault. You wail and moan about the injustice of laws actually being enforced. And you call anyone who dares to point out that you bear the responsibility for your actions a racist, a nativist, and a xenophobe.

In other words, you lie.

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